This article details the setup and use of Blackboard Collaborate on an Apple iPad.

**Moderator functions are limited, so it is recommended that you realize the limitations before implementing it in a live session.**

Accessing a session

  1. Download the “Blackboard Collaborate Mobile” app from the Apple App Store.

  2. Navigate to the “iPad Device Settings.” Under “Safari Settings”, turn off “Pop-up Blocker.”

  3. Return to the “Home Screen” and open the “Collaborate” app on your device.

  4. Enter “kud2l.kutztown.edu” in the “Blackboard Collaborate Session URL” field. Then, enter your name and click “Join Session.”

  5. You will be taken to the D2L homepage. Click "Kutztown Users" and login with your Kutztown account.

    Access the course which contains the online room and navigate to “Online Rooms.”

  6. Click “Join” to open the online room.

  7. A pop-up request will appear. Tap “Allow” to open the session.

  8. The session will open in the Collaborate app.

Participating in a session

Note: Blackboard Collaborate does not have full functionality on a tablet device. If you or your instructor requires whiteboard interaction, video, or other advanced functionality, please access the online room with a PC or Mac computer.

Participants will appear in the top right. Moderators are typically course instructors. Participants are other students attending the session.

Text chat will appear in the bottom right. The text chat can be used to communicate with the moderator or other session attendees.

The Main Room appears to the left. Moderator content and whiteboards are displayed here.

User interaction allows you to respond to moderator prompts and questions. Each interaction is explained in more detailed in the following step.

User interactions:

The emoticons allow you to select a graphic to express yourself. The graphic will display on the participant list for the moderator and other attendees to view.

The away button places a label next to your name in the participant list to alert the moderator and other users that you have temporarily stepped away from the session. Tap the button again to clear your status.

Note: Your status will also be set to “away” if you put your phone to sleep, access another app, or return to your device’s home screen while your talk button is set to off.

The hand icon raises your hand and places you in a queue. The number beside your hand indicates your order based on when you raised your hand.

The poll icon allows you to respond to a polling question with one of the responses determined by the moderator.

Room Options – Allow you to leave the session of change settings

Talk button – Tap the “Talk Button” to activate your VoIP microphone. If your microphone has been disabled by the moderator, your talk button will have a line through it.

Note: For best audio quality, use headphones or earbuds with a mic.

Full screen – Tap “Full Screen” to expand the Main Room to fill the screen.