This article explains how to create a random question quiz in D2L. Creating a quiz with a random section ensures each user will receive a unique set/order of questions. Random sections randomly pull questions that are stored in the Question Library.

Since random questions can only contain questions from the Question Library, you must create your questions in the Question Library before you setup a random quiz. For more information on creating questions in the Question Library, see the Question Library article.

Creating a Random Question Quiz

  1. Setup a quiz like normal, but do not add questions yet. For more information on quiz setup, see the Quiz Setup article.

  2. Once all initial quiz settings are implemented, click the “Add/Edit Questions” button. This button is located on the “Properties” tab under the “Quiz Questions” header.

  3. The question page will appear. First, we need to create a random section that will house the questions. Click “New” and choose “Random Section.”

  4. Enter a name for the random section and then click “Save.” You can also enter a message or private comments that describe the section.

    Note: If you want students to see the message, be sure to enable the option under “Display Options” at the bottom of the page.

  5. The section will now appear on the question page. Random sections are indicated by a purple folder. Enter the section by clicking on the section name.

  6. The section question page will load. Now we need to import questions from the Question Library into this section. Click “Import.”

  7. On the import screen, select the “Source Section” from the drop-down menu. This will be the section that contains the questions you created in Question Library.

    The questions contained in the source section will appear under “Source Collection.” Select the questions that you wish to import to the random section and click “Save.”

  8. On the section page, enter the number of questions per attempt and the point value for each question. Be sure to click “Save” at the top of the page. Click “Done Editing Questions” on the right to return to the quiz setup.

    Note: All questions within a random section must have the same point value. You cannot change the point value for individual questions within a random section. If some questions require a higher point value than others, you will need to create a separate random section and group questions accordingly.

  9. On the quiz properties page, enter the number of questions to display per page and click “Apply.” You can also prevent users from moving backwards through the pages by enabling the “Paging” option.

    Page breaks are designated by the purple line. You can manually adjust page breaks by dragging the purple lines.

  10. Continue adding questions and sections to complete the quiz setup.

    Tip: You can add also add standard questions to a quiz. To do so, create a standard quiz question. Questions outside random sections will be given to allow students.

  11. Once the quiz is complete, click “Save and Close.” Remember, quizzes are set as “inactive” by default. Be sure to activate your quiz when you are ready to assign it to students. The status of a quiz and availability settings are found on the “Restrictions” tab of the quiz setup.