Including an image, links to your presence on the web, or any other relevant information helps establish an online persona for your professor and classmates to get to know you. Setting up D2L notifications will ensure you never miss an important course update. This article walks through the process of adding an image to your profile and setting up email and mobile notifications.

Adding an image to your profile

In the upper right of the D2L page, you will find your name with an image placeholder on the left and a dropdown arrow on the right. Click on the drop-down arrow to reveal a list of menu items. Select “Profile” from the list of menu items.

On the next page, you will be able to add   information to your profile. You can stick to just adding a profile image, but feel free to add additional information as you like. Remember, any information you add to this page is accessible by everyone in the system.

You’ll see a generic placeholder image. Click “Change Picture” below the placeholder.

A popup window will ask you to select a profile picture. Choose "My Computer" and then drag-and-drop the image into the window from your desktop, or click “Upload” to browse. After your picture is selected, click “Add.”

Landscape-oriented images will be re-sized and cropped to fit the size of the window and the portrait orientation.

That’s it! Your image will now appear next to your profile information and in the Classlist.

*It is expected that all profile images are appropriate for an academic setting. The Office of Distance Education reserves the right to remove any image that is considered inappropriate.*

Setting up notifications

You can setup D2L to notify any new discussion items, deadlines for Assignment folders and Quizzes, changes to Grades and more.

In the same drop-down menu as the profile, you will see an option for notifications. Click on “Notifications.”

On the Notifications page, you will see a collection of options. You can select the types of notifications you’d like to receive, how often, and which courses send notifications.

Under Contact Methods, you can change the email address where you receive email notifications. The default email contact is your Kutztown student email ( You can change this to an alternate email by clicking “Change your email settings.”

In addition to email notifications, you can also elect to receive mobile text notifications via SMS. Click “Register your mobile” to being the setup.

You will be asked to enter your country, mobile carrier, and mobile number.

Once finished, a message will inform you that a confirmation code was sent via text to your mobile number. Once you receive it, enter it in the “Confirmation Code” field and click “Confirm.”

You can also choose how often you receive a summary of activity for each of your courses.

Now it’s time to setup your instant notifications. These notifications will be sent each time the criteria occurs and for each course (unless excluded). For each notification type, indicate if you want to receive Email notifications, SMS notifications, or both.

Lastly, Customize Notifications to your liking and click “Save.”

You can also exclude certain courses from your standard notifications settings. Click “Mange my course exclusions” to add or remove courses.