Millersville students, specifically Doctor of Social Work candidates, should use the "Millersville Users" button to access Kutztown's D2L. However, as an alternative, students can also login using the "Guests" button. This should only be utilized when directed and may not be active at all times.

Login as Guest

  1. Navigate to the D2L login page: https://desire2learn.kutztown.edu/

  2. Click on the "Guests" button.

  3. Enter your username. Your username is your full Millersville email address.

  4. Enter your password. This password would have been emailed to your from Kutztown D2L staff.

If you would like your temporary password changed, please call 610-683-4636 or 484-646-5828 between 8am and 4 pm Mon-Fri.