Pinned Courses Widget

The ‘Pinned Courses’ widget gives YOU the power to choose the courses that appear on your homepage. Remember to update your pinned courses at the beginning of each semester by adding your new courses and removing any past courses. Course instructors control the availability of past courses. Courses will remain active until the course instructor removes access (or until the course is removed from the system. Courses are retained for at least 3 academic years). Unpinning a course does NOT remove the course from your account. You'll always be able to access your available courses by clicking "View all Courses." 

Accessing your Courses

Click the "View all Courses" link found at the bottom of the "Pinned Courses" widget to see all of your active courses. 

Finding and Pinning your Courses to the Homepage

Clicking "View all Courses" will show you a list of all your available courses. It may be hard to locate your courses from the long list. There are two methods find (and pin) relevant courses.

Method 1: Use the Search tool

Enter the semester name (i.e. fall, spring, winter, summer) and the year in the "Find a course" search box. For example: 'Fall 2018.' Then press "Enter" to search.

Method 2: Use the Filter tool

Click the "filter" option in the top right. Choose the appropriate filter type and check off the filters you want to apply. The system will display the courses that match the selected filters.

Pinning Your Courses

From the list of available courses, hover over the course tile and click the 'more actions' button in the top right of each course tile. Select 'Pin' from the menu.

Note: If your search does not yield any course results, you do not have any active courses for that semester at this time. Instructors control course activation. Courses are typically activated on the first day of class, so please check back often for newly available courses. If you have questions about the activation status of a course, please contact your instructor. 

NOTE: To pin/unpin courses on a mobile device, tap and hold on the course image. After a few seconds, a pin icon will appear. Slide your finger (while still holding) to the pin icon and release to pin the course.

Repeat this process for each course that you wish to pin to your homepage.

Problems Pinning your Courses?

If you course does not pin after clicking "Pin," please try using another browser to pin your courses. You can also pin your courses from the "Select a course..." menu. To pin your courses from this menu, select the thumbnail icon next to the course name.

Remove courses from the homepage widget

Within the "Pinned Courses" widget, hover over a course tile and click the 'more actions' button in the top right of the tile. Select 'Unpin' from the menu.

Repeat this process for each course that you wish to remove.